Big Dawdler Do'ins

Hello to All.

Writing with a few bits of important (to us, anyway) news about The Dawdlers.
  • First: Our gig for next SUNDAY, 7/17 at the Lucca Beer Garden has been POSTPONED, as Benicia was not going to be issuing their outdoor alcohol license in time for the date. No good playing a beerless beer garden, I always say, so we'll play instead on Sunday, 8/28, 2:30 - 5:30 PM
  • We now (and finally) have a WEBSITE!: It's not completely done yet, but enough to show and use, and has all our upcoming gigs listed under the Shows & News tab, and you can hear there some original songs we've recorded, as well.
  • We also now have a related Facebook Artist Page, and with this we are asking for your help if you are on Facebook. As you can see, our Facebook address is a bit unwieldy, not so catchy at the moment:, and to get a better and shorter one of our own choosing we need to first get to 25 Likes, then we can pick our own and permanent address. So, please visit and Like the Page, and also, please share both sites (Likes are great, but they belong to Facebook, whereas the website and an email list are ours) with anyone you think might enjoy what we do.

Many thanks, and we hope to see you at one or more of the Benicia shows, as we'll be laying siege to that fair hamlet between August & October.

Cheers, Dawdler Jim

* Here's a free download of a Dawdlers original recording, The Last Laugh:, (you can listen to it on the site if you'd like to hear it first, it will begin playing automatically).

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